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More character design from Naoma'Nao Island

Eddie the hydroplane pilot is quite famous all over the archipelago, if you need to go quickly to another island, he can take you wherever you want for a few Francs CFP. Eddie is living on a very little isle on Naoma'Nao island, he can be find often at Gérard's bar on the other side of Naoma'Nao, in fact you can easily find him in every Pineapple archipelago's bars.. he never split up with his labrador and helps sometimes a military french barrack to resolve pirate'skirmishes.

Some say that Eddie was a marine who deserted to live in the Pacific, others say he was a US commando elite force working in Colombia, other theories underline the fact he was a civil servant in a design office in California, a cooker in Portland and even a tennis coach in San Antonio...

In fact we don't know really who is Eddie but if you see it's breaking somewhere in the archipelago, you can be sure he's there..

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